Come to the edge.We might fall.
Come to the edge.Its too high.
COME TO THE EDGE and they came and he pushed And they flew
~Christopher Logue.

Unity Consciousness regularly offers the following services


  • Dr. Coomi S. Vevaina - An internationally acclaimed educator and Founder Director of the Centre for Connection Education and Management and a certified Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation (U.K.) of Angels, Transform Your Life, Golden Atlantis and Lemurian Planetary Healing and a Certified Teacher of Ascension and Unicorns and
  • Ms. Sharlaine Mascarenhas – Educator and a certified teacher of Angels and Transform Your Life.

The courses they teach are self-empowering and filled with deep wisdom which can easily be applied to life situations with excellent results.

Coomi’s Journey

Dr. Coomi S. Vevaina began her spiritual journey at the age of fourteen and, prodded by some wonderful spiritual mentors and the great ascended master, Sai Baba of Shirdi, India, she searched relentlessly for the ‘kingdom of God’ within her. Her quest led her into various healing modalities like Reiki, Crystals, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Core Empowerment Technique, Healing with Jungian Psychology, Chakra Therapy, Colour Therapy and Shamanism but the moment she did her first Angel course, she intuitively knew that she had found what she was looking for.

Coomi resonates at a very deep level with the Angels for she finds working with them simple, self-empowering, magical and profoundly transformative. In 2010, she was certified as an Angel teacher by Charles Virtue of the Doreen Virtue School of Angels, U.S.A. and in 2011, as an Angels, Ascension and Golden Atlantis teacher of the Diana Cooper School, U.K.. In 2012, she also trained as a Transform Your Life, Lemurian Planetary Healing and The Wonder of Unicorns teacher also from the Diana Cooper School, U.K. Currently, she is learning and practicing Quantum Angel Healing with amazing results.

Coomi loves teaching these courses and feels deeply honoured for being chosen to be an instrument of God’s peace. Importantly, she sees a seamless intermingling between her academic work and her spiritual interests for, as a professor of literature, she has always woven spirituality into her university teaching. She sincerely desires to touch people’s lives and make them grow in wisdom and strength.

Sharlaine’s Journey

Sharlaine is a clairvoyant and a much sought-after Angel Card & Aura Reader. She has been strongly connected with God and the Angels from the age of 11. An encounter with Archangel Raphael at the age of 16 helped her understand that the power of God lies within us. She trusts that each and every individual has the power to bring about meaningful change - we only need to ‘understand’ our power to be able to use it. She strongly believes that because evolution will continue to fashion progenies better than the previous generations, children need to learn the importance of staying connected to Source. An English teacher by profession at a reputed school in Mumbai, she hopes to inspire children and young adults to create a world where they can live in peace and harmony. She has also been empowering both adults and children in order to help them deal with the pressures of modern living.

Her aim as a trained facilitator of the Diana Cooper Foundation is to enhance the Emotional Quotient, Social Quotient and Spiritual Quotient of participants through spirituality and storytelling. She has assisted and conducted various training programmes nationally and internationally on self-development for corporates and the general public. She strongly believes that though individuality is a gift and differences need to be celebrated, we are essentially One.

Course for Parents and Caregivers


  • Most of us stumble into parenthood and bumble our way through it basing our strategies on the knowledge that seems available to us. When it comes to other areas of our life, we acquire degrees, diplomas and certificates before venturing out but when it comes to parenting, no formalities are required to be fulfilled before society ‘allows’ us to become parents. As a result of it, though we intend the best for our children, we often fail to create happy relationships with them and both we and our children end up confused and hurt. This course is to enable parents and caregivers see that the challenges we encounter when parenting, actually provide opportunities for our personal growth. The course will make the participants realize that bonding deeply with children involves discovering that children are our mentors to the same (or greater) degree than we are theirs


  • The course is open to parents and caregivers but is also meant for anyone who wishes to connect with children in deep and meaningful ways.


  • 2 Days – Usually over a weekend


  • Creating healthier and happier relationships with children
  • Understanding children by understanding yourself
  • Relating to children from the head and the heart
  • Valuing your own unique intelligence configurations and those of your children
  • Valuing your own unique personality configurations and those of your children
  • Partnering with children to evolve solutions to the problems that require to be solved


  • The importance of your role as a parent
  • The various styles of Parenting
  • Understanding your persona
  • Ways of healing your inner self subpersonalities
  • Understanding your archetypal dimensions
  • Tapping into your Deep Self
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • From Discipline to Self-Discipline
  • Balancing Activity with Introspection and Stillness
  • Technopoietic Enrichment Programme (TEP)
  • The need to train Children in Social Justice Issues
  • Using Narrative Recreation Technique (NRT) to bring about change

Self-Empowering Spiritual Courses for Adults and Children


Manifesting Joy and Abundance with the Angels

  • The course is open to people who are keen on connecting with their own divinity in order to live more beautiful, peaceful and meaningful lives.
  • Read more

Connecting Deeply with the Angels

  • The course is open to people who are keen on deepening their connection with the Archangels and experiencing their powerful but different energies.
  • Read more

Love, Peace and Joy with the Angels

  • The course is specially designed for children between ages 5 and 12.
  • Read more

Transform Your Life

  • The course is open to people who are keen on understanding their inner selves and co-creating a better life for themselves and those they interact with..
  • Read more

Activating the Diamond Core God Cell

  • The course is open to people who are keen on moving towards spiritual mastery..
  • Read more

En-Lightened Living with the Wisdom of Golden Atlantis

  • The course is open to people who wish to connect with the angels and higher energies of Golden Atlantis..
  • Read more

Lemurian Planetary Healing

  • The course is open to people who have a strong desire to help our planet heal and ascend..
  • Read more

Healing with the Unicorns

  • The course is open to people who wish to experience the magical powers of the unicorns and serve the world..
  • Read more

Ascension to the Fifth Dimension with Powerful Spiritual Helpers

  • The course is open to people who wish to receive new, high-frequency information and raise their vibrational levels to the fifth dimension and beyond..
  • Read more

Diana Cooper Foundation Teachers who have been trained by Coomi

  • Ms. Shahnaz Doongaji (March, 2013) - Angels
    Phone: +91 9820326952
  • Mrs. Yasmin Udwadia (March, 2013) - Angels
    Email: yrudwadia@gmail.com
  • Mr. Akhilesh Joshi (June 2013) - Angels
    Phone: +91 9424836786
    Email: akhilesh269@hotmail.com
  • Ms. Kanu Priya (June 2013) ¬- Angels
    Phone: +91 9811133819
    Email: kapes625@gmail.com
  • Ms. Sharlaine Mascarenhas -(June 2013 and May 2014) -Angels & Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9820870157
    Email: sharlainemas@gmail.com
  • Ms. Shalanta Mascarenhas -(May 2014) – Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9167285160
    Email: shalanta.m@gmail.com
  • Ms. Kajal Pradeep -(May 2014) – Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9930771745
    Email: kajal.bhatia@gmail.com
  • Mr. Chirayu Bhatia -(May 2016) – Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9892449849
    Email: chirayu.bhatia@gmail.com
  • Ms. Sameeta Nanjiani -(May 2016) – Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9892000323
    Email: sameetan@gmail.com
  • Ms. Madhavi Arekar -(May 2016) – Transform Your Life
    Phone: +91 9930776808
    Email: madhavi.arekar2708@gmail.com

Guidance and Healing with Angel Cards and Crystals

  • Both Sharlaine and Coomi take private sessions with people in need of guidance. Sharlaine is a gifted clairvoyant who reads auras and Coomi is a gifted claircognisant guiding with Angel Cards and Crystals.
  • Each session lasts an hour.
  • Sharlaine and Coomi work together as well as independently.

What Participants say about us

Dr. David Castelino

"The Angel Therapy course was such an empowering experience that not only did we feel a lot closer to God and peace within but we also learnt to perceive life in a different way. Being a Roman Catholic, I had heard a lot about the ‘Kingdom of God’ within each of us but after this course, I feel I have understood what the Holy Scriptures mean and have came to realize that we can, and must, ‘choose’ to live joyfully and that we do not have to complete this journey of life struggling on our own but have beautiful and wonderful helpers, the angels who are gifted to us by God himself to guard and protect us always."

Michelle Phillip

(Professor and Drama Therapist)
"Thank you Coomi for the exciting, enlightening and empowering Angel course. The most important lesson I learnt from it is that forgiveness is a creative act that changes us from being prisoners of the pat to being liberated people at peace with ourselves and others. I regard this as a truly transformational programme."

Kanchan Aneja

(Poet and Teacher)
"The simplicity of the concepts taught at the course were, and continue to be, life – changing. My dreams, which earlier seemed distant and remote, suddenly seem distinctly possible and I am confident of being able to translate them into reality. I now feel energized and strongly believe that Joy, Peace and Abundance are not only achievable but happen to be our birthright. I think I know how to resolve the issue that is deeply troubling me by changing myself."

Dr. Neena Nair

(Student Counsellor)
"At the Transform Your Life and Angels workshop, I was introduced not only to the higher realms but also to my own spiritual self. My experience of the workshops can best be described as liberating and self-empowering. Having learned how to connect with the angels and experienced the power of forgiveness, I have made my peace with myself and the world. "

Severine Hood

(Teacher and Home maker)
"The courses taught by Coomi and Sharlaine are so powerful that I think they have put an end to my ‘spiritual shopping’. The courses have helped me to experience healing at a very deep level and made me realize that every person can connect with Divinity only by holding the intention to do so. What struck me was that the course was simple to understand and is easy to practice. "