Since December 2012, each one of us has been offered a fabulous opportunity to begin move to an enlightened state of living. During this historic time, the planet’s vibrational frequency has moved from the third to the fifth dimension. As is evident, the earth is undergoing massive changes and needs our support to raise its energies rapidly to move into the higher dimension. The ancient Lemurians knew that that this would be a pivotal time in the evolution of our planet. Their desire to help our planet ascend was so great that they left crystals in the Earth for us to use in order to magnify the healing energies required during these times of transition to the sixth golden era in 2032.


  • The course is open to people who love the Earth and have a strong desire to help our planet heal and ascend.


  • 2 Days – Usually over a weekend


The course is designed to:
  • To help the planet in her evolution by creating Lemurian Planetary Healing Circles
  • To provide an understanding of the healing wisdom of the Lemurians
  • To learn two ways of working with Lemurian crystals
  • To provide information on the very high energy that is available to us
  • To learn ways of creating a vast powerful light force to heal the Earth at all levels
  • To learn to live on the planet as lightly and responsibly as possible.


  • A brief idea of Lemuria and the Lemurians
  • Working with the Lemurian crystals that lie embedded in the earth
  • Working with Lemurian crystals in their physical form for planetary healing.
  • Visualisations to draw in help from Mother Mary, the Cosmic Heart and the Unicorns
  • Attunement to Prepare for Lemurian Healing
  • Individual Healings with Lemurian Crystals
  • Connecting to the Four Ascension Planets