Ascension to the Fifth Dimension with Powerful Spiritual Helpers

With powerful new information that is pouring in since 2012, this course offers clear guidance that is overlighted by the Archangel in charge of our Ascension and that of our planet, Archangel Metatron. This course will enable you to work out ways of living in accordance with your divine soul purpose. The exercises, meditations and visualizations will lead you to inner peace and serve the planet in the fifth dimension and beyond.


  • The course is open to people who wish to receive new, high-frequency information and raise their vibrational levels to the fifth dimension and beyond.


  • 2 days – Usually over a weekend


The course is designed to:
  • The purpose of this course is to guide the participants to create their own ascension path and raise their energy, based on the new high-frequency information and techniques provided in this programme. The Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light believe that people are now ready to receive this higher level information and create their own smooth and clear path to the fifth dimension and beyond.


  • 12 Chakra Cleansing by Connecting to the Stars
  • Ascension with the Dragons and the Elementals
  • The Lilac Fire of Source
  • Ascension with the Overlighting Archangels
  • Inviting the Seraphim Seraphina
  • Using Sacred Geometry Symbols to Connect to Our Galactic Families
  • Petitioning the Intergalactic Council
  • Helping Children to Enlightenment and Mastery
  • Becoming Intergalactic Masters
  • Mastery of the Law of One